We Want To Be The Best

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At Sportsbetting.com.au we know we’re not the biggest bookie out there, by a long shot. We also know we’re not necessarily the best all-rounder. There are some products we don’t yet have such as Same Game Multi and cashout, but we have made huge improvements to our product over the last 12-18 months.

Our mobile apps are now infinitely faster and easier to use than they were last Spring thanks to a lot of hard work and infrastructure upgrades. We’ve got more promotions including bonus back races on Thursday and Friday, special enhanced odds markets and our 20% multi boost has been expanded to include more bets.

We’ve also added features such as HOT Bet that are not offered anywhere else. Through partnerships with independent tipsters like Joshua Reed and Ben Beare we bring you free analysis on racing every day and with our sponsorship of content from Mr Bet you get to see my ugly mug twice a week (Friday and Saturday) to preview the racing and see our betting positions.

Our company is growing, and obviously we’re glad. But that doesn’t mean we’re changing our approach. Many of the bigger corporate bookies don’t approach racing odds the same way we do; having a view and taking on runners. This is deeply ingrained in our DNA and will stay that way. I have previously written about market percentages and their relevance and we stand by that approach.

But as the title of this article says, we want to be the best. When it comes to racing, we think we’re not far off. We offer value through top odds on select runners as well as the analysis and HOT Bet features and we promotions like Surge to help you maximise your chances.

Our 2% daily racing bonus continues to be the best value ongoing promotion in the industry in my opinion. To get bonuses dropped into your account every day at a rate of 2% on turnover is better than any loyalty program offered. However, a challenge we have is educating punters on the true value. Many average punters don’t realise how many bets and the turnover they actually put through on a Saturday. If for example, you end the day $100 down, unless you’ve had a stinker, you may have ended up placing 25 bets. If of course you lose every bet you place, you’re not going to get a lot in bonus, but keep in mind that if you win every bet you’d have still got paid your bonus!

It really does add up and many of our customers make hundreds and thousands of dollars from the daily bonus.

We want to be known as the most generous bookie in the industry. But we think punters have to earn the rewards. That’s why we don’t do a first deposit bonus. Sign-up bonuses prove expensive and are prone to abuse and ultimately it impacts the amount we can afford to give those that are enjoying having a crack and punting regularly, and those active customers do get deposit matches regularly.

We know there are people who are not actual punters, but are classed by the industry as ‘bonus abusers’. Those who exclusively bet on races which offer a bonus back for a place, or enhanced odds markets or only deposit if there is a match on offer. These people hurt the margin and directly impact the amount of rewards we can give proper customers and we’re quick to remove these promotions so we can be generous to those that deserve it.

We know there is work to be done before we can be classed as the most generous, but we do give a lot away, not only through our daily bonus, but almost on-demand.

Want a bonus and think you deserve one for your next deposit? Ask us, and we’ll take a look. We’re honest and if we think it is fair, we’ll do it. But on the flip side if you come on our live chat and say “I deposited $200 yesterday, can I have a bonus without depositing today?” then you’re not going to get one. We may be happy to do a matched bonus, but we don’t do ‘after the fact’.

We’re working hard. We’re making improvements, we’re adding more features and our loyal customers are getting the rewards.

I am determined to ensure that continues and those who’ve been smart enough to give us a crack spread and reap the benefits will help us continue to grow.

Like betting on the races? We will be the best punting experience you can find if you give us a chance.