• AFL Round 1 Preview

    19th March 2020 by

    Well, this is a bit unexpected. I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the changes to this season including the exclusion of crowds, a 17 round season and shorter 16-minute quarters.  It’s unprecedented, but this version of footy is better than no footy. Right? Damn right, I don’t think I could handle another day without… Read more

  • AFL Season Preview 2020

    16th March 2020 by

    AFTER a long and excruciating wait, we can all finally stop spending our weekends aimlessly staring at the turned-off TV reminiscing about the good ol’ days when the footy was on. Because the AFL is finally back in a season that proves to be the most unpredictable and exciting to date, although not in the… Read more

  • NBA Preview 13/03

    12th March 2020 by

    Wednesday was an interesting day, with many of our tips blowing big leads. Knicks blew a 16 point lead at HT against the Wizards, Memphis blew a 13 point lead against the Magic, Pacers had a lead against the Celtics with less than 2 minutes to go, whilst the Lakers were surprisingly out-played and out-hustled… Read more

  • NBA Preview 11/03

    10th March 2020 by

    Pacers ($2.01) host the Celtics ($1.75) in an important game for both teams, with Pacers vying for a top 4 seed whilst Boston will be looking to guarantee their playoff position with a win. Brogdon is a big loss, but Pacers are 2-0 after his injury against the Bucks including an impressive win on the… Read more

  • NBA Preview 6/03

    5th March 2020 by

    Tough day on Wednesday, with Hornets blowing a 17 point lead making our best of the day fall short by a point. LeVert also drops 50 leading Brooklyn to an OT win whilst Warriors get 6 players in double figures to pull off a massive upset over Denver. Onwards and upwards as we look forward… Read more

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