Swans Rally June 22, 2012

It what was quite an extraordinary match, the Swans held on and fought
back to win after waving their wings and confusing the Cats into
looking old and out of date…. Then, after a fantastic 1st quarter of
goal kicking (7), they shut up shop, and in the end some how held
on… and fought back to win valiantly…. Only gamblers will truly
understand the last kick from ten yards out where it dribbled into the
post, to stop the Swans winning by the point spread..amazing…if you
backed the Cats with the start… fu unbelievable if you took the
Swans to cover the line….like I did…(7-)(Sp 9-)
But the Swans were explosively good in the first quarter and gained a
great lead… Then like a true DOUR stayer the Geelong club began a
stoic effort to reel them in… it took till well into the last
quarter to do it, but they did it… for a short while… It was a
great effort..and they were crueled in the umpiring stakes… The Cats
got way less obvious free kicks than they should have… some of them
were quite bizzzzzarely overlooked…. and that assumption includes
the outrageous 50 meter penalty that gave the Cats the lead.
For Sydney I thought Jack, Kennedy,Shaw, Richards,Grundy,Armstrong,
and Johnson did well…Everitt’s late goal was fantastic….McGlynn
was on fire early..but his late miss from point blank was unforgivable
to many of us… I really thought WEST, the Cats ruckman was the spark
for Geelong’s comeback. His mark and excellent play on goal from 45
out was a real lifter. He was very important. Hawkins has lost his way
in set shot goal kicking. His run up is way out of order, and he needs
a refresher course. Bartel, Motlop, both
Hunts,Taylor,Wojo,Christenson,and Mackie all had some good times…
Chapman kicked some important goals,and Podsiadly did better than I
thought he would,,,….But over all I doubt the Geelong speed to
“match” their overall hunger… I respect them, but see them losing
when it counts… The Swans are a real enigma after this. Not having
the juices to get on top and then annihilate Geelong, when they were
there to be crippled… Instead they allowed the Cats to come hard.
Shaw and Jetta are great runners, and when they get on top, they
should use these players to excite. Armstrong is another with
brilliant pace to burn, and his future is bright. I am happy to
declare both these horses cannot win in September…

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