REBELS WIN&… BUT THey are…. February 15, 2013

While the Rebels won, it was in haphazard fashion, and lacked anything
that could possibly include the word convincing. The initial kickoff
and return from O’connor allegedly went out on the looked to
land inside the playing arena, and bounce out? I am not sure of the
truth, as the great TV men at fox, did not replay it, even though it
was more than worth a look.. what a fu king joke that was…tv men at
their best. From this line out now deep in the Rebel’s defence the
Force controlled the possession of the game for the next 20 some thing
minutes! When the Rebels got the ball they either kicked it away or
quickly dropped it! They were terrible.

New 12 for the Force the young, but well built K Godwin, showed some
promise and ball distribution ideas… but his goal kicking is
rubbish. He kicks them as high as a 65% wedge. HIs hips at the top of
his run are all wrong I think.. and this was proven by his pulling,
then pushing of the ball…depending on how he was mentally handling
the task…He looks a really good prospect on many levels, but his
goal kicking will never be great if he insists on persisting with his
current actions. Half back wise Alby Mathewson looked pretty handy,
and is a very feisty character..his yellow carding late in the game
was a stupid play by him…Its all very well to suggest that it was a
stupid decision by the ref..but what do you expect from these
imbeciles…Sense? I think not… Mafi looks sharp, and their back
line may get better as they play themselves into the season….They
need Hodgson.

I add with due haste that I expect neither of these teams to threaten
the top 10! Both sides are just battlers. They will have their
explosive moments I suppose..and probably when you least expect
it,just to add to the mystery, but gee wizz they looked ordinary in
most facets of high class rugby.
O’connor and Beale only had a few good moments, but young James did
kick his goals, and thats always important..his field kicking was
mostly horrible, but it did improve as the match droned on… His hair
style got continuous Tv man chat… and next week he will be either
seen bald, or in a wig… I do not like the players doing these things
in football season..its a distraction that is not required. Beale
looked unintelligent talking it up with the ref… He is never going
to make a ref like him by deriding his decisions..and he is not the
captain. I would be pulling him aside to give him a healthy
reminder…I was also very unimpressed by his forward pass to
Higgenbotham from a kick off that mattered… It was so far forward it
was ridiculous… and cost them, and gave the FORCE A REAL LIFT..GOOD
I will be forgiving, but if he does it again, look out. Higgenbotham
gave away too many penalties, and I would be reading him the riot
act…Or he will continue running around with a feeling of , “Oh
bugger it if penalised”.. I would want him to feel the BIRCH if
Sadly the refereeing was extremely influential… the touch judge
reporting making the break away from the Force Alcock leave the field
was just diabolical in its reporting…He is attacked, and he gets sin
binned… these officials have no clue as the consciousness required
to play at this level.. Frankly they make me sick… They are just
dumb chemistry students put in charge of games…Bad recipe…
I am still happy to say that both these sides are shit… and going no
where special this season… Their best chances lie with other teams
being rubbish also…but if they win 5 or 6 games I would think they
would be over achieving. The Force do have a healthy culture, and I
doubt they will get beaten by 40 points very often, but I would expect
a plethora of 12-20 point pastings… Same goes for the Rebels… They
are newer to the comp, but I just do not see a philosophy of a side
that has even heard of Nathan Hale…. When a team starts up, you can
begin with the highest standards, and work your way down with scandal
upon scandal…But to hope you can it the other way around,including
the scandals, is frankly hilarious to the satirists around town… and
we thank the Rebel hierarchy for that…

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