MY Beloved Chiefs… March 2, 2013

Like I keep persisting to tell you all.. The Chiefs are the best
thing to happen to rugby since the last good thing happened.. what
ever that was? Yes thats correct.. Rugby needed this team, and they
are certainly getting it.. This week it was the Cheetahs that felt the
power of the Chiefs… making them collapse like cards.
Great to watch Masaga turn them rotten, and Mr T number 11… The
ninja! Yes I like him… Anscombe is kicking his goals really well,
and doing everything right… and they could afford to rest Kerr
Barlow for over a half… He then came on and just turned the axe into
the head of the Cheetahs…

Nobody is going to beat this side come finals time. THey take risks,
looks for risks to take, and help each other take them…. Their
defence is top class, and the influence of Wayne Smith on this mob is
profound. I find myself barracking for them.. and I will be supporting
them against all comers…. and you can throw home country teams out
the window.. I want to barrack for the team that gives me most
enjoyment… and if they let my subtle life juices down I will ditch
them for some body else… The Chiefs play fast play on rugby, and if
you want to keep up with them, you better be fit and fast and
especially ready.. They are well tuned, and other clubs are not going
to keep up… and all power and speed to them.. Go you Chiefs! You
have come along just when rugby most needed you…

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