Geelong Look History To Me. June 8, 2012

Geelong by 2 Goals

But I was not overly impressed by them. I think they are in the
twilight zone now. Chapman lacks dash, and once where he would escape,
or tackle some one, now he is caught, or gets no where near them..
Mackie is making a fundamental error regards perceived pressure. He
can fix that, and he better hurry up, as he is playing over
par…Kelly is a bit slow to play on go fast teams, Hunt got run into
cramp by Betts, Corey looks slow, and Lonegan… well I would put a
fast player on him, and make him look slow.. I was disappointed with
Stringer when he came on. He should have played better,and he missed
an easy goal,which was annoying…. I was thrilled with Motlop..he
kept Geelong in the game after Selwood engineered it out of
places.Motlop was fantastic… He is great to watch, and his work
ethic is full of freedom and desire. Its very good. Taylor is proving
very versatile, and is a real find as a switch hitter. Hawkins needs a
refresher course in goal kicking run ups… Players need coaches… or
they do things that are just stupid, and then hang their heads…. I
still think Duncan is very important. He is very sharp around the
ball, has good skills and will only improve…. I do not think
Podsiadley has a future anymore.. I see him as ponderously slow
now…and I think he will really struggle on big grounds too much….
and their rucks are not much chop! …. and yet they still won…
Carlton kicked about 1 goal 8 in the last quarter… If you miss goals
when your searching for confidence and team energy, missing only
dissipates it away. Ratten did well to get them going early. Betts was
lively, Duigan played the best game I have him play. Almost all his
touches turned out positive according to my memory anyway.. I thought
it was fool hardy not starting Yarren. This was a big game and he
needed to start…He came on late and failed with chances given. I
like Armfield, he runs all day, I do not rate Mclean..he is TOO SLOW
ON BIG GROUNDS, OR AFTER HALF TIME.. talk about turning a tanker
around… and do not not talk about buying players who comes from the
Lady Boys.. Badly coached, and unreliable… Watson showed signs,
Gibbs responded well to criticism, and whilst Johnson was handy, Gibbs
was handier. I like Garlett, always have, and I found Judd very
disappointing. When he should have taken a shot on the run from 40, he
instead hand balled poorly to Garlett, I thought… Its not looking
good Judd…Captain’s goal was on,and he passed it off poorly. Bad
signs for him.. Maybe all that running over the years is taking its
toll? Simpson was best player for Carlton. He was very important in
giving them a chance to win..but missed goals hurt them on the score
board, and mentally…. Bootsma was handy, and reads it pretty
well,Hampson can take a mark, Collins was handy, and Walker is a very
fine player to watch…. and Tuohy looked slower than usual?

I think both sides are in big trouble,and neither can win for
mine…or go close to winning… Carlton will make a late run when
Murphy, and Carozza come back..maybe.. and Waite seems to help them
mentally as well..But they now slip into murky times on the table,and
have a tough 3 weeks coming up… Ratten looks close to gone,unless he
perhaps gets me in there to rejuvenate his side… It would require
all my magic…but its what I do… They did tackle a bit better than
in recent times….

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