Crusaders Crawl forwards, Reds Crumble backwards March 16, 2013

The Crusaders began their long march back to respectability in
“unrespectable fashion”… Their ball handling was embarrassing, with
Robbie Fruean absolutely shocking… Rushed passes and dropped ball
were the order of the game until Carter set Fruean up to catch one
with nobody in front of him, and he delightfully scored the try, then
spiked the ball as though the world had been lifted from his cringing
shoulders. It did prove to be a spark for him, as he then played some
vintage Robbie Fruean rugby..which I am always happy to watch… I
once called or him to be an All Black, then he broke down badly..few
seasons back..
But the game was pretty weak really… The ref is so much like a
kitten fluffing around with balls of wool.. and you think, what a cute
little thing he is… God knows what his grand parents think when they
watch him huffing and puffing his way around the field… He has been
a home town ref for 2 seasons now… Gee whizz, what about Morney
Steyn’s defensive kicking..Its PRODIGIOUS! FROM behinds his try line
to over the half way line to the ten meter line is a very impressive
distance to be kicking under pressure… But things just did not go
his teams way, with many believing the Crusaders were allowed 2 tries
which were dubious to the point of being a joke…

So the Crusaders are now under way,but I did not like what I saw from
them very much.. THey will be hard to beat, but they will get beaten.
Dagg was ok.. Some of the Whitelock brothers were ok, Tom Marshall was
very good, and hopefully Fruean will now be in form..but he was
replaced again here…. ? But I still maintain they are no hope of
winning this comp.

Reds Get Red AS Beaten Easily.

The Western Force took the Reds to the cleaners here. There was only
one team out there with a good attitude, a bright energy and a desire
to win. I watch a lot of games and form opinions about team energies
etc, and I cannot say anything good about the Reds. They are to me
totally unlikable. They do not do anything that makes you want to
BARRACK for them… They used to!! But now they seem petulant, and I
imagine they walk around, like their opinion matters… I do not know
who is coaching this mob, but they are being poorly handled. Their
energy is dulled with individual ego, and from there on in, its all
down hill… and a murky red it is… Big hot shot Eddie Quirk acts
like he is a Ray Price… but then you watch him approach taking a
kick off, and his head is faced downward, his hands in the wrong
shape, and his hair bedraggled over his eyes… as he dropped it…it
was laughable and embarrassing. Then he gets sinned binned, when his
side can least afford it… I am also worried about Qld Reds love
child Liam Gill… Put a moustache on him, AND HE WOULD LIKE WAY TOO
MUCH LIKE BERRICK BARNES…… No, the Reds are in big trouble, and
require shock therapy… Coaches with beards, and players with tattoos
everywhere,and its a look I do NOT like.. and a look that will never
win. They are nothing like they used to be… NO joy about them, no
spark and spontaneity..but a lot of stink.

Coach of the Force Michael Foley can take a lot of credit for this
effort… HIs team showed signs last start, and they deserved to win
more easily really.. and they have uncovered a real goal kicker in
Sias Ebersohn.. His goal kicking is fantastic, and vitally important..
and you had to enjoy the play of number 9 Alby Mathewson. He really
sparked the side, and his whole NZ consciousness is about playing
rugby, not walking around town thinking people care what he thinks…
I thought the team effort was terrific, and it means my destined bet
on the Force to win next week V The Cheetahs is on target… So its
all hope and joy for the Force, and who gets strapped down first, for
the initial electricity charge that the Reds so obviously and badly
need… Frankly, if I saw them in the street, I would be crossing to
the other side of the road… I do not like what I am watching with
them at all…..and have no desire to hang on their every word.

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