Chiefs V Blues But Ref To Over Rule March 24, 2011

What a match up !  I hate saying this but I have had a soft spot for both teams for a number of years…but its been a love hate relationship based around  betting and “How could they lose to them!!”  The Blue’s are definitely the better team on paper,and lifted well last week to blast away the Canes, whom I despise as imposter’s of weak originality…Plenty of teams and clubs are unreliable and just don’t put in.. They are one of thousands. But The Blues are pretty good some times, its just picking when that is gonna be..that’s the hard part. The Chiefs fall into a similar boat. A boat that leaks, takes in masses of water,and struggles to bail itself out when “troubles comma swamping”.
The Blues have been up for a few weeks now, and that’s normally their limit maximus! They have tougher forwards, and more talented ones as well… but if the ref gives the Chiefs a few home town helpings it might get them on a roll?
Stopping Ranger and co is very difficult, and just as hard as stopping Masaga, Siviatu and co.. The Blues are a better team, but The Chiefs might get lucky with the ref? Chiefs against my logic to win.

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