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Lets Go For A Spin April 11, 2011 Comments Off

I was reminded of a car yard whilst watching the Sun’s go down to the Dogs. I could see a quite well to do young man going into a respectable car yard and checking out the vehicles. He then says;” I would like to take one of these for a spin please”.. The car yard [...]

Crows Swoop In On Ditched Flapjacks Comments Off

The Crows must have found a hefty stack of discarded flap jacks on their way into the oval, as they played with an incredible looking FLOUR build up. They had no power in their running, no distinctive purpose in anything they did. They looked like they needed a good sleep and a huge burp. How [...]

Port Get The Stitch Comments Off

Port’s first quarter was good. Then for the opening 14 minutes of the next they were Ok as well..if you disregard Dean Brogan’s costly handball in the goal that resulted in a non goal for Port… So for one and a half quarters they were right in the game, then they fell to pieces like [...]

Bombs away!! Comments Off

Just a fantastic performance by Essendon… and it was a performance! You cant buy pace, but Essendon have. Young Jetta tore up and down the field like he was on a motor bike. Crameri looks vey useful. From the opening bounce, Watson kept finding the footy,and Essendon converted their chances quite beautifully. Gee it was [...]

Tigers Caged Early Comments Off

The soaring Hawks made light of the rain and easily tamed the Tigers. Not only did they tame them, they shut them up in a cage and never gave them any freedom at all. They did feed them though… A good old fashioned belting. Hawthorn is looking a really good team again, full of hunger [...]

Lady Boys Win! Comments Off

It was quite an extraordinary opening half where the favourite backers were cruising along after two minutes thinking “how far this”. Then character stepped in. Michael Voss was a tough hard player and it was always unlikely his players would be anything but similar. Melbourne whom I have dubbed outrageously Gay, I now dub “The [...]