AFL Saturday August 4, 2012

Collingwood held on to win this vital game V St Kilda by the whistle
in the umpires hand.It was headed for a certain draw whn the umpy, in
his wisdom decided that Milne’s language throughout the night was so
horrible that he decided to ping him for a arm jolt…that was just
NOT THERE.. Earlier Milne had been penalised 50 for his filthy moth
when he called the black Brazilian Harry Obrien a “Fu head!.. Yes
Milne is a grubby little character,and Harry O will be laughing about
this for decades to come… Its quite funny that if Milne had called
him a “BLACK fu head”…. then all hell would have broken loose, and
all kinds of remedial enchantments would have been called upon… What
a total joke it all is…
What ever each team dished up, the other counted with…. Collingwood
keep proving to me that they are not MUCH GOOD… I have taken them on
heavily… and Geelong…. Way more worried about Geelong than
Collingwood… Collingwood just do not have enough good players…
Cloke is doubtful, and Dawes very unreliablein front of goals.. I am
mildly amused by TV Man Brian Taylor saying how much he loves Dawes
action… I would be making serious and meaningful changes to it! It
does not WOR$K!! Daisty Thomas was vital, Pendlebury drifted in and
out, as did Swan, and not many big name players really y played that
well? I like Fasalo, Beams and Blair…. but they are beatable and
small…Losing Goldsack was no help… but I like the red head sub..
He has a footballers brain… Wellingham, Toovey and Reid all had
moments..but as a team they are not that good.. I stand by that and
declare they cannot possibly win the comp… St Kilda play in bursts
and are not to be relied upon for 4 quarters,,, St Nick still misses
goals, I like Saad, he is light, but very fit.. I would play
Siposs….big mistake by their coach…. He must be a doubtful judge
to leave him out.. I DECLARE SIPOSS WILL BE A STAR… He should be
playing…. But the great news is I win my nice bet on ST Kilda not
winning 14- games!! So fu them!.. and Milney!

Eagles V Freo….

Well….. This was staggering… It was like the Eagles entered the
Lions den and did not want to be there.. When ever you see a home
ground advantage is AN ADVANTAGE… EVEN WHEN ITS A DERBY.. The
freo lovers were all there and they scream for their mob! Its worth 5
goals at least… but here it was worth way more. They tore the Eagles
feathers out in time flat, and gave them not a look in.. It was over
by half time…Freo was murdering them,and in total physical
control… There was nothing the WC could do about it… Pavlich went
crazy up forward and Ballantyne was very uninhibited…. A big plus
mark for the Freo side.. Eagles will check their attitude for next
week.. They play Geelong inPerth… and Freo take on the Crows in
SA…. THat will tell us plenty… I had marked that dwn as a certain
Crows win..and was a large reason why I backed Crows to be minor
premiers… Not so sure now… Will b watching them closely tom… V
Bombers.. Freo were absolutely comprehensive! It was an

Giants Belittle Port

While Sheedy smiled in the box thoroughly enjoying his 1000th
game..Mark Williams looked on sad for the experience… While I am
sure he was thrilled with the win… Do not forget most of his life
has been around Port Adelaide… now arguably the proudest of any club
in football… and to see this once mighty warrior beaten up by a
bunch of kids, with a few old Port heads thrown in, must have been
chilling to him… Who ever has taken over Port has let them (US) down
badly.. Who ever has been in charge of recruitment has been a total
dud. When Alan Stewart left for the Crows, it was always going to be a
test…He was GOOD. Port have picked a load of players who do not
care.. players who do not understand, or were not made to understand
that playing for Port Adelaide had certain duties attached…. and
when any Port team goes out there, and does not care, then these big
troubles must be squeezed out like a huge pimple must be squished to
GO..SEE YA.. THE SKILLS COACHES GO..SEEYA.. How can players up forward
possibly kick goals if the blokes kicking it to them cannot kick? It
is just mortifying… it is scandalous…. I do not know if Matthew
Primus is part of the problem, as I know he has not been given a
functioning football department with top coaches to do the job… But
it is his job to send the players out there breathing Port Adelaide
fire…. we do not see that often… but we hear plenty of “its
unacceptable.” I am too frightened to ring up and find out just how
much trouble Port is in, and who needs to go.. but I may make that
phone call soon… Port supporters have told me what hurts them most
is that “THEY DO NOT LOVE THE PLAYERS!!!!” This is close to tragic on
every level…. Every Port lover always worships the players… and
they do so because the players are happy to die for the cause… These
blokes jog around not caring two hoots.. Brett Ebert and Kane Cornes
were exceptions today,and Matt Thomas tries…. but you cannot have a
Port Team that has one passenger..let alone 10…or more…. Port has
now hit rock bottom, and Mark Williams and every Port person will be
sleeping uneasily tonight,and waking up feeling no better…
especially if they cannot do anything about it… But sackings of
players and officials must be done swiftly and without mercy…

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