AFL ROUND 19 July 30, 2013

North Geelong

Chris Scott is the superior brother when it comes to football coaching. North are gone now, so its highly unlikely that North now all of a sudden come good in a big game with a big team. Its the very reality why they are where they are. Against big teams they fail. They have now lost their captain Swallow for ages, and they do not have the on field leadership required to beat a top team like Geelong, who must be getting serious now, with the finals coming up. Though the big Pod was rubbish with his cheapo elbow shot… Its just not possible for the Kangaroos to win at this time of the year. Brad will be happy to help his brother win though. Geelong will win 1-39

Giants Lady Boys

I really think the Giants will win this. The Lady Boys are burying themselves and looking for anew coach. They do not want Neil Craig to coach them. They know he is boring and out of date, and not a winner. For all Craig’s positives,and I suppose there must be some, he is not a winner. The Giants have been very good of late, and with Cameron being sensational, it is possible the players will be doing everything possible to try and help him win the Coleman, its unlikely, but its an incentive for them. The Giants will get 3 points head start, and I say take that for a small bet, even though betting in Lady Boys games is deadly dangerous.

Hawks Tigers

Clarkson must be pumped up as he is now going around to lower grade football and yelling out… ITs most odd. It does show he is feeling powerful! Like a race horse trainer who has a stable of top class runners. Richmond came out looking like a really poorly run club in the Mike Sheehan documentary. I still see tremendous areas for improvement, they have serious problems about giving their all in the name of the team. They are still some times every man for themselves.. Its getting better, but I do not see that first class all in together attitude that I see mostly always in Hawthorn. Hawthorn are a living certainty. Richmond will enjoy the bigger oval, but Hawthorn, if they are serious will win. Hawks 1-39.

Eagles Suns

The Eagles are falling apart like a party pizza at 12 o’clock at a teenagers birthday party. I was really disappointed by the Suns last week. They were weak, when they had to be strong. Now they travel over there they can run though, so they do have a chance seeing the Eagles will still be injured and winged. With embarrassment the Eagles may lift, but I could not possibly bet on them, or the Suns.. If I did I would probably think the Suns with a 4 goal head start may be a chance, but its guessing.

Carlton Freo

I am astonished Carlton is fav here. I think if Carlton win this, then Freo are a bigger joke than I think they are! Freo should be winning this easily. Carlton are not that good. They miss goals over and over, play a style that is mixed up, and have desperation as their main positive factor. But if Freo are any good at all, and want to be taken seriously when they come to Melbourne, they must dispose of Carlton. Fyfe, Hill, Pearce, Mundy, Mayne, Mzungu, and Ibbostson down back should all play really well, and be too tough for Carlton. Carlton are not a robust side, in fact they are weak fish.

They will be netted. I expect Bryce Gibbs to cop plenty from Crowley. They will target at least two Carlton players, and be just horrible to them. I just do not give Carlton any hope at all especially with Mick not allowing his players total freedom to attack at all costs.. So any slow ball will allow Freo to get into position and stifle the Blues over and over, I think Freo are a good thing to beat Carlton, and the best value bet all weekend in the AFL  and if Freo lose, then I say I am more right than ever that Freo will not be winning anything this year. They do not attack consistently enough for me. Freo 1-39.

Lions St Kilda

The Lions are a certainty here. St Kilda have suffered at the hands and boots and tongues of the Lions for over a decade, and they will cop it all here as well. They will not be as good at it as before, but St Kilda are pathetic and soft, and do not play 4 quarters of top effort. The Lions have always had this clubs measure in any big game, or near big game, and the score board will be showing the Lions winning for sure. Voss will be ripe for this match, and instil great belief here. Zorko is a powerful clever forward, while the Saints blokes are fast and “fleety”, and not tough. I give St Kilda no hope at all, and the way they are using Siposs is astonishing to me. They are wasting this kid, and its displaying to me that Scott Watters has NO IDEA AT ALL. THIS KID IS A REAL PLAYER, AND NOT BEING PLAYED. Lions will win.

Dogs V Swans

Joke contest, Swans by as much as they want. Swans 40-70

Crows Port

Great match this. The Crows travel back from Perth. Not a healthy diet for a victory. Port are a tougher more ruthless competitor than the Crows this season, and this means they will have too much desire for them. Scott Thompson has been terrible, clearly showing that problems off the field can matter to some people maybe not Shane Warne, but certainly Thompson. Sloane and Wingard will be highlight players, both run fast and attack everything. Up forward Port look far more potent. Schulz is tremendous in his attack on the footy, Ebert will serve to him well, Boak had his best game last week, Cornes always plays well here, its a family tradition, Monfries might kick 3, Westoff will run riot also. Yes Port will win this. The Crows will not match Port for 4 quarters of desire. Port 1-39.

Essendon V Collingwood

Both sides fracturing. Essendon has been in better form over all, but Collingwood so weak the last 2..its hard to gauge here… I almost expect Essendon to raise a big hurrah here. Last week was predictable I thought, but here I can see them lifting to a new feeling of freedom. But I could be wrong? Collingwood also look to be imploding. Losing Geoff Walsh, having leading teams at the club, all say to me they are tearing each other to pieces. The Magpies should be about love not criticism. I think Essendon can win this match. I think they have better players over all, and its going to be fascinating to see what unfolds.. Cloke has been kicking poorly, but Carlisle is a tall defender, and may make it hard for Cloke to get a kick at all! What Swan and Pendlebury do may not matter much, as I think Collingwood do not have the back up players to make it all gel. I am favouring Essendon 1-39.

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